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Information for New Skippers

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help when decorating your boat.  We have skippers with years of experience that are always willing to give advice.
  • Have a helpful crew member onboard each night
  • All boats must be capable of at least 6 knots
  • Displays don’t need to be complex, simple works
  • Meet minimum Coast Guard requirements for your sized boat (Nav lights, PFDs, fire extinguishers, horn, bilge pump) – Safety #1 priority
  • Insurance and Boater Safety Card required (unless exempt)
  • Portable generator for lights/inverter/genset
  • Radar & chartplotter not necessary, but are helpful
  • VHF Radio to communicate with River Leaders
  • Always remember that you are performing for the community and your guests – Have fun!

 See the New Skipper PowerPoint presentation below for more detailed information on what to expect!

Download the New Skipper Presentation shown above

Click Here

 See the video below for a demonstration of how the skipper of one of the brighest ships in the fleet makes his displays! 


Skipper information sheet (useful to have on-board): SkipperInformation.pdf


Blank Guest Lists to plan out your crew / friends:

Columbia Guest / Crew Form -or- Willamette Guest / Crew Form


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